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How to speed up reduction Your Site Rankings in Alexa 2019

free ways to dramatically boost alexa rank 2019

How can I upgrade my blog in Alexa? Are there any tricks or tricks that will help me raise my site ranking quickly?

For many new websites and bloggers it is difficult to get many visits and high ranking on Alexa.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting distinctive content on your site to discover that it serves the purpose simply because there are no readers! Knowing how to create search engines and how to write an ideal article is the key to gaining more visitors who will eventually help you improve your ranking in Alexa and earn a lot of Google Adsense earnings. Before you go deeper into how to raise your ranking in Alexa let's start with the basics.

What is the Alexa ? What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa (acquired by Amazon.com for Jeff Bezos) is a company that maintains visitor traffic data on websites and is known for its online ranking site Alexa Rank. Alexa's global ranking indicates how popular your site is all over World as well as in your country.

Does Alexa rank matter? Why does everyone care about it?

Alexa ranking is a very important thing for marketers. This ranking shows your advertising potential. The higher your Alexa ranking, the more visitors you get and the more people want to place ads on your site.

What factors affect the order of Alexa?

According to Alexa's Blog on "How to improve your ranking in Alexa", the text reads: "Every day Alexa compares the number of daily visitors and the number of pages viewed with all the websites in the past three months, ranking the site on the highest number of visitors and pages Displayed during this period ".

In my humble opinion, there are some other variables (ranked by importance) that play an important role in raising your ranking on Alexa and include:

  • Visits of people using the Alexa Bar
  • Number of pageviews
  • Time on site for each visitor
  • Clicks on the site
  • Number of internal links
  • Posts, comments and comments on the media
  • Site load speed (which helps visitors stay on your site for longer)
  • User interface and user experience

The best way to raise your ranking in Aliska:

Studies have shown that the best way to ensure a higher Alexa ranking for your site or blog is to write a unique content and contract with a search engine administrator, or do so if you have the experience and knowledge of this field. Here are some expert tips that may help you:

  1. If you want to attract other site owners to your site or blog (for example, those with the Alexa toolbar), you should write the content they would like to read, such as SEO, e-marketing, and so on.
  2. The most important thing according to experts is sharing your content everywhere (Facebook, Twitter and every platform are possible) and get many views, and you can run advertising campaigns funded on sites like Facebook to achieve this.
  3. Get text links and share ads with other powerful sites with a similar audience to your audience that will help you increase your audience base and thus raise your ranking in Alexa
  4. Update your articles on a regular basis (which may have decreased in volume of visits) and keep up-to-date with your latest updates

All these things will help you win more visitors and raise your ranking in Alexa to become among the initial pages and therefore you will earn more profits!

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