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Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online 2019

make money online

make money online
make money online

Working on the Internet or profit from the Internet, this term, which has become one of the most searched words in our time, everyone wants to make a new income to add to the income of the continent and there are those who want to be income from the Internet the main income for them ..

But with the democratization of the Internet, everyone is talking about this area of ​​expertise and there are others who have never entered the field and talked about, which led to the wrong information and waste time new people who want to start in the field of work through the Internet or what some people profit from the Internet.

Making money from the Internet is not difficult, which some people think but needs patience more than any other field. As long as you read this article you are a beginner trying to find out how to profit from the Internet for beginners

I have news for you is good news but at the same time bad
Do you know that there are more than 100 ways to make money online?

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If you are one of the people you are looking for :

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Sorry the site X Techn and this article is not for you.

I will only share with you five ways to work online.
To sum up your time, the most important thing for you is to share with you the way to win cents by following the blues (clicking ads, filling the captcha codes ...) I will only waste your time ...

So I decided to share with you five ways no more and focused in one way 100% guarantee you to achieve thousands of dollars, but provided the continuity in the area you chose to work online.

Did you know that the problem of beginners is that they do not continue in one area, which leads to their exit from this area with time ... In this article I will share with you every area of ​​online work and I will dig a little deeper in this area so you understand the field and know if this area is the thing that suits you or not

The area that I profit from does not necessarily have to be the same field that you profit from. This varies from person to person ...

My advice to you before you start: Choose the domain you love even if its profits are few, but make sure that you have chosen the area you love and that you will invest in it ...

Let's start...

  • The commission or commission marketing

In fact, I adore this area. It's my specialty. Why did you choose the AFLIT as a field for online work?

The answer is: complete convenience after the completion of sales or completion of the transfer to the companies "CPA" Once you bring targeted traffic to the appropriate offer and complete the process required of me, whether to dictate a form or sell a product on Amazon or click you take my commission and go to another presentation and I do not talk to the client After that and this is what I like in this area, for example, the routes Shaping is profitable field where I have earned thousands of dollars and the last explanation I did about the way I earned $ 1571.00 in two days through the routes.

But there are thousands of problems after the sale, for example, the client to inform you that he did not reach the product or wants to change .... This reduces the impact of each marketer. So I personally love afliet or so-called commission marketing.

make money online
make money online

Well, what is commission marketing?

In fact commission marketing is not a difficult science to understand or something complicated as some believe is the sale of other people's products for a commission (a certain amount of money as agreed between the person or company).

Sometimes it is not necessary that the process be a sale but simply dictate investment or enter Email ... according to the offer you chose to promote.

Types of Commission Marketing

These are two types: CPA and CPS, what do I mean by these terms?

  1. CPA Payment for each transaction: Fill in the investment, enter a phone number, enter the email.....
  2. CPS payment for each successful sale.

In fact, I want to go deeper in this area, but this article is only an introduction to the areas that exist and you can start from them for profit from the Internet .. In the case of deeper in each area will become the article is a book.

But I promise you to make a comprehensive guide to all the ways of the Aleite, whether through Click Bank or Max Bounty ... You will take step by step to achieve the first $ 100 per day, but you have to know that this area is larger than you think can achieve more than $ 10,000 Daily.

  • Drop Shipping Or e-commerce

In recent years, e-commerce has become a modern-day watch channel that sees whether it is something new or just changing names ...
For e-commerce is not the new thing in our world, it is only an update of traditional trade through new technology in our world. You can sell your products that you manufacture or own directly through the Internet without having to leave your home and receive money directly through the services that have emerged like paypal and "Stripe".

As for the DROP SHIPING, it is a sale before you buy it in summary

This area is easy but needs patience and continuous research in products that appear day after day as well as proficiency in English in order to convince people either to reduce the price of the product and to become an advantage compared to your competitors or convince marketers with them to reduce the price of advertising ...

make money online
make money online

If you want to enter the field of "commerce and marketing" all you need to have is your own online store to sell your products and receive your money as well as you will need someone who provides you with goods that we call our world in "Supplier" in case you want to work If you have a product, you can start selling it directly by doing ads on Facebook, Google or searching for people who have followers in the same field that you are talking about, "you will find many in Instagram and YouTube .." is yours.

Do not be afraid if you do not have the software skills to create your store you can use Shoppevai or Wokomiers to create your store as well. If you want to start the Shaping, you can search for products through AliExpress and add to your store through the application of Oberlo and then sell in your shop "Every customer who buys you the item from your store goes to Ali Express and buys that product and ships it to the customer who bought from your store."

  • Teach what you know

In case you have talent, skill anything you can teach people, I advise you to sell your skills through courses that you do and sell to interested people ...
For example, if you are a programmer or designer, you are good at math, you are good at playing ... you can share your skills through educational videos where you sell your talents to the people who care about you.

What is unique in this method?

You create a course once and sell it to an endless number of people...
There are no shipping costs or something like this...
After you have achieved a decent capital, you can use Aflet to market your product without your intervention ...

make money online
make money online

But you have to be an expert in the field you are talking about or at least you should love what you do. For example, my love and my passion is marketing of all kinds, although I am a good programmer, but that does not mean that I will sell courses I know programming, but I will teach marketing because I specialize in this field.

There are many platforms that allow you to sell your courses online. They cost everything (receiving money, a platform and other things that consume time and effort. All you have to do is do professional courses and put them on the platform and it is expensive to bring customers to you). But this does not mean that if you rely on visitors to the platform, you will get fantastic sales, but you should also promote your product (your course for more sales and we'll talk more about it in upcoming articles ...).

The best platform for me in this area is: Udemy
If you are a professional in your field and you have many followers who trust the above I recommend you to create your own site where you sell your products (books, lessons, courses ....) If you like me you do not have time to prepare and prepare your van with traditional tools (For beginners who do not know the vanilla after not worried we will touch on the topics coming), I advise you dear using the Click Fannels: ClickFunnels

I will tell you something but do not be shocked please ... There is a friend of mine made a course explaining the way to professional program Excels was the duration of the course did not exceed (3 hours) He sold it for $ 20.00 Did you know how many people bought the product?

50.000 people and that means $ 1,000,000 to make large sums of money is not a lot difficult but you have to master marketing skills and this is what I will try hard to share ... So just count this site over and over again whenever I have the opportunity I will do professional marketing courses I I consider you as an investment that I do to help your family and what does not help the community one day..

Do not worry I'm going to do a comprehensive guide to step-by-step this area, this article is only for the discovery of ways to profit and work from the Internet.

  • Arbitrage and Viral

You may have heard about this area, but most have never heard of it is not an area of fame but remains one of the most profitable areas, you see what


and the Viral and how can I make a fortune from this area?

make money online
make money online

Arbitrage: It is a short purchase and sale at the same time but in two different markets, for example the common thing is to buy Facebook traffic from $ 0.1 for every click to convert this to your site and Google Adsense and modify the page after several experiments so you can Earn $ 0.5 for each visitor and earn $ 0.4 for each visitor.

So why is it always associated with the arbitrage in the field of e-marketing?

Let's get to know about Viral at first.

-Feral is a summary of common topics that are spread viral in social networking sites because of the trick used to spread or because of its importance and attention by users of social networking sites. For example, to say that I wrote a topic titled "People in the same age as you have died because of these things, avoid them!" The main thing in the field of the vandal is the title. The more the title is interesting, the more the clicks are, and as in any field, the lower the price, the same principle in the field of advertising, and got many pressures, the price dropped to $ 0.001 per click and thus increase our profit margin.

But the principle of the Viral is not only the title, the backbone of this area is playing on the sensitive strings "Sensations" The main goal of the spread of viral is to make the person share your article with as many people as possible and here shows the professional marketer ... But what does this mean?

Simply means free traffic to pay nothing for it ... Even if you pay $ 0.001 for $ 0.5 profit for each person you start paying $ 0 for each person for $ 0.5. Have you been touched?
Unfortunately, this area is not as simple as you imagine. You have to try many articles to find the winning article for you. Once you discover it, you will win all those who lost in the experiment in a period of no one hour. In return, you have to be a person who is familiar with the news and events in the world...

  • Freelance Work

make money online
make money online

In fact, as a marketer I hate the way (my personal opinion), there are many friends who do freelance work online through famous sites such as Freelancer, Upwork, and others ....

Regardless of the fierce competition that you will face as a beginner I want to tell you, it is best to work in a certain company to become independent of all those things that are marketed to you by the people that free work is a paradise and you will be able to wake up at the time you like and work whenever you want is just an illusion .. .

Once you get a project, the price will be low because you are a beginner and no one trusts you. You will also make an unbelievable effort (if you have made it in your own project to become rich) all this for a price not much, and you must know that you are obliged to hold it. ), Thus you will enter into constant anxiety and depression in case you are a beginner.

At first it would be natural for large companies and corporations to not cooperate with you, so do not waste time insisting on dealing with them, and focus on small enterprises where the probability of assigning you some of the work will be greater.

But do not be too pessimistic. Just join this field and you will have customers who trust you. Your income will be multiplied several times. Then you will hire other beginners in this field and begin to pay half of the project and you will be accepted and all will accept it because all customers trust them. To receive projects without work and take half of the profits ...)

For me, as a marketer, I like my projects and I do not like to work with someone else, but I can do the mini-services if I do not have enough capital (it's easy and it does not take much time).

Free work remains one of the ways to work online and profit from it. In the case that you are a programmer designed or have the services needed by others, such as writing and translation, I advise you to start with free work, but not for the long run you get enough money for your project and leave it because it is tired.

The best sites for starting in the field of Freelance :

Elance - Upwork 
People per Hour 

These were the most important ways to work online, I hope you liked the article, so do not forget to share it with your interested friends. In case you have a simple query
Place a comment at the bottom of this article.

I wish you success and I know that if you do not apply, you will not see a result. If you fail, do not call it a failure. Rather, it is an investment in my future that will enable me to change my material life and change the life of my family and everyone around me.

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