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Mistakes made by novice Bloggers in Blogger

Professional blogging for beginners

Mistakes made by novice Bloggers in Blogger
Mistakes made by novice Bloggers in Blogger

When I told people that I was writing as a profession, I would earn them a living that they were surprised to say: "You can get a check for your salary just to sit online all day long and write? People are ruling these professions because they do not require any mind, but when they create a blog and write their initial articles, what happens is not expected! It's harder than we thought; like anyone who starts a new job, it's missing a lot of things. For those bloggers who begin blogging, you do not have to worry, because we're going to be talking about the most common mistakes that most bloggers have to avoid. Follow us ...

Do not think wrong thoughts

When you start blogging ideas will start to appear randomly at any time; while you're with your family, running, and even while you're in the bathroom! While these ideas come at random times, the ideas themselves should not be random. Though these ideas are good, this does not mean that they are the best for your site, but they should serve your goals and your customers if you are a business owner.

Strong tone

Writing a post is very different from writing an article in a newspaper, but when bloggers often start to have only experience with the second type, the problem is that the second type has a style of writing that the general public does not like. It targets intellectuals more than any other segment. People want to feel that they are dealing with real people, to get rid of the tone of newspapers and magazines. Get rid of difficult terms and phrases and make your writing smooth. This is what people like to read.

You think they care about you

But the truth is that bloggers initially think their audience will be primarily interested in their stories and interests, but it is not; when you are new, nobody cares about you or your experiences; all people care about at first is what you can teach them. They do not really care who wrote the publication but you can show some of the features of your personality in your writings to attract them more to you, and the way you do this is left to you completely every audience likes something.

Your posts are big 

When people start blogging for the first time, they resort to writing big topics such as:

  • How to Profit from the Internet
  • How to do electronic marketing

Such topics and areas are very broad and have a lot of fine details and are hard to answer in one article. In addition, they do not attract a lot of people compared to specific topics that are of a higher quality. The solution is to specify specific headings so that your first posts On Blogger.

Stolen content

Cheating is not acceptable in the study and certainly not acceptable in your blog; but for some reasons novices think that they have the ability to copy and paste through some methods without discovering anyone, in fact no one can and will simply teach people that you are a literary scam. Your blog can be punished, instead learn how to create people in their writing and imitate their creativity, not their words, it's not as complicated as you imagine!

These are the most important tips that if you work and avoid the errors that we have mentioned, it will be much easier to start than it would be if you occurred in these errors, you are fine.

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