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Solve the problem of bulging the phone battery 2019

Repair problem of battery bulge

Repair problem of battery bulge
Repair problem of battery bulge

Causes of bulging the phone battery

The reasons for the bulge of the mobile phone battery are now known and avoided completely, especially since it has become one of the most important problems of phones, which cause damage to the battery quickly and not continue to charge the battery for a long time, as well as effective ways to avoid these reasons.

Lithium-ion phone batteries, which have many advantages such as light weight and high power density, are the most important disadvantages of this type of battery. They are less stable than any other type. They also interact with some external factors, resulting in bulge and explosion. in some cases.

the reasons

  1. Using a mobile phone during charging causes damage to the battery
  2. Using a non-dedicated charger for your mobile phone is one of the most important reasons for your phone's battery to bulge and cause damage
  3. Leaving the phone in a walled quote for a long time causes the battery to be completely damaged
  4. Connect the phone to the charger with a large charging ratio, and we advise you to wait until the charger is fully charged
  5. Remove the charger from the wall outlet before the battery is fully charged
  6. Overloading the need of a mobile phone causes the battery to bulge
  7. Weather conditions also cause high temperatures, fast charging and damage to the battery, a cause of the phone's bulge

Treatment of battery bulge

X tech site offers you some tips to cure the problem and you avoid the mistakes that cause the phone battery to bulge:

  • Use the original charger for the phone, and keep away from the chargers of the tradition because their problems are too many and destroy your phone as the unit may reach the explosion of the phone.
  • Please feel free to take off the charger immediately after shipping ends.
  • Do not leave the charger connected to the phone all night or for a long time.
  • Do not use the phone when it is connected to the charger because this reduces the power of the battery.
  • Do not expose your mobile phone to high temperatures because, as mentioned earlier, cause damage to the battery.
  • Do not disconnect the charger from the phone until the battery is fully charged.
  •  You can charge the battery when it reaches 20% or less but not more so that the battery does not swell and damage quickly.

Wally here we have finished our topic for the day we talked about the problem of bulging batteries android and Samsung in general and all other types, we hope you benefited from the article and do not forget to leave your opinion in the comments at the bottom, wait for us in the topics coming ...

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