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Explain SharePoint in detail 2019

sharepoint 2019
sharepoint 2019

In a world of high-tech, different institutions face the challenge of presenting, presenting and organizing large amounts of information. For example, a company of health care companies has large amounts of data on patients, doctors, medicines and so on, and this data is stored in countless paper files, This data can be stored in electronic form that includes images and PDF files.

In this article, we will talk about a system used in the administration, which relies on browsers or portals, which are used in the secure exchange of electronic data and provide easy access to them, sharepoint, keep in mind that the portals is a collection of sites that are Provide data to visitors from many sources in a well-coordinated and easy-to-understand format. To simplify the information further, the sharepoint is a site that stores data in a database and presents it as well organized pages.

Sharepoint enables users to sign in, access, share, and collaborate with others in one of the most secure and mobile environments. SharePoint is a rich Microsoft product, and therefore works better with Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Internet. Because SharePoint is a Web-based system, It also complies with other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome, which makes it possible to use not only on Windows systems but also on Mac and Linux.

It was a long journey to reach SharePoint 2016; just before its development in Windows XP, its pioneers were products such as Tahoe - Platinum, which included Windows XP, document management, e - commerce, and so on. Messaging and collaboration were part of those products that first appeared But it was fairly primitive, while the side of web management needed most development and development.

First copy of share point

The first version was released in 2001, and these days it did not allow much interaction with users. This is because the program was a document management application and was traditionally very much. Many users have created a list of the most important requirements they want to be in the program In the future, an information technology team was formed to receive messages and recommendations from the users of the program in order to improve the program and address the defects and add advantages, and studied the problems and developed solutions.

It was a bit slow to add some features to the new version of the software that was released in 2003. SharePoint Server was released as a part of Windows Server 2003 and some features were added to the program such as improved user interface, Characteristics of the program.

SharePoint 2007-2010

By 2007, the management of documents and records was back to market priorities as well as web content, and only with the advent of SharePoint 2007 was the platform we know known for the first time, when SharePoint evolved to be more than a collaborative platform by allowing users to interact much more than before ; Users were given the option of navigating the platform to create sites and manage workflow tasks, and it was the 2007 version of the software that first integrated the content management system.

After the overall development of the program and after customer feedback and beta testing, the 2010 version of SharePoint provided significantly improved capabilities such as integration with other Office programs and applications. This version also gave employees broad powers at all levels by providing services to improve And expanded the scope of work. This version also helped in the process of work which greatly affected the efficiency of business in the present times.

SharePoint 2013

  • This program has long been linked to document management. In this version of the program, users can easily upload documents to the files or libraries they wish for easy retrieval.

  • This version of the program harnessed the power of social media; it provided support for mobile phones, which led to a significant improvement in the delivery of commercial services.

  • The necessary support has been added especially for large data. This version of the program can accommodate much larger data, which can be compressed and filtered into the server memory, which allows data operations to occur very quickly.

  • It also improved things like corporate design and content planning, and developers can use the SharePoint platform to create home pages and content management pages.

  • Perhaps the biggest evolution of a SharePoint event since its debut in 2001 is its development from computer-based services to cloud services that have the following advantages:

Greater flexibility in IT options
Save on server costs and software upgrades
Increased off-site security for sensitive data and intellectual property preservation
IT team can focus on business development projects

SharePoint 2016

In this version of the program has been added many features, including:

Increase the size of uploaded files
Now you can upload files larger than 2 GB to 10 GB, but it is recommended not to upload any files in larger sizes to avoid the interruption of the connection while lifting files

Increase the size of uploaded files

Now you can upload files larger than 2 GB to 10 GB, but it is recommended not to upload any files in larger sizes to avoid the interruption of the connection while lifting files

Speed ​​in web design

When you use a template, you can design the site in one second, unlike the 2013 version, which took about 40 seconds

Remove the loading time of the chips

Now in version 2016 no longer need to wait to update the system servers

The main roles

Now you can install the role you want on SharePoint 2016, which will ensure that all system servers are compatible with the role you want, and you can convert servers to change roles if needed.

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