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Download Maxthon Internet Browser Direct Link 2019

Download Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a unique web browser that helps you communicate with people all over the world without borders of country or time. It occupies an advanced position among famous Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Fox Fox, Baidar Spark, Uber and others. Each browser has different features. With constant updates and modifications and handling errors that appear continuously until it became one of the famous browsers that achieved great success in surfing the Internet. The browser supports the cloud, which helps to open the Internet sites at high speed and move between pages easily and view Li photos, videos and audio files smoothly, the browser includes a lot of tools and functions that make use of the Internet more easily and simply as the browser provides the ability to customize the user interface by changing buttons, icons and background colors and fonts.

Download Maxthon Internet Browser Direct Link 2019
Download Maxthon Internet Browser Direct Link 2019

The browser features many features such as cloud storage, which helps you store files, web pages and browsing history you want to keep. It also offers synchronization of your files, photos, information and internet pages that are important to you with your friends on any other device at high speed, saving a lot of time, The program provides a night mode feature that helps you read the web pages easily, while providing a lot of eye comfort by darkening the screen to keep your eyes from harmful rays, which exhausts and weakens the eye. The program is universal and works on many different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as the Android system to work on many smart phones, which makes it easy You have to surf the web anytime, anywhere and access data easily.

The program is based on the basic web browsing core, which is used by Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. The browser saves the latest open tabs which you can retrieve again in case of system shutdown or fall of Windows. The browser provides a great deal of safety and ease of use through Eliminate annoying ads and pop-ups that reduce focus and distract the user's effort. The browser provides full protection for your important files and bank accounts, preventing anyone from accessing your bank accounts. Hackers can not hack your browser to access your data. It is important for you.

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The program is based on a modern technology that helps you to quickly open the web pages and access to the things you are looking through on the Internet at a tremendous speed, the browser is very distinctive and worthy of the experience and work on it and you can download it from the site and install easily, the program supports work on computers and laptops and tablets and works a lot From various versions of Windows such as 7, 8, 10, Vista and XP

Information about Maxthon Cloud Browser version 2019

  • Software version: Maxthon Cloud Browser
  • Date of issue: December 2018
  • Developer: Maxthon International
  • The official website of the program
  • Software Size: 52.6 MB
  • Language of the program: Supports many languages
  • Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows (Windows 10-Windows Vista- Windows7- 8)
  • Software license: FREE

Download Maxthon Browser 2019 for PC for free from here : -

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