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Best alternative to iTunes on PC 2019 for file transfer

Alternative iTunes to transfer files and programs from iPhone to computer

If iTunes does not meet your needs, here we show you the best alternative to iTunes. Apple software is often criticized for its difficult use, lack of some important functionality, or the time it takes to perform the required actions. Alternative for iTunes.

Many users have an iPhone (or iPad / iPod) and are looking at a replacement, it does not matter if such a replacement is free or has a small cost, the important thing is to search for a program to manage the iPhone easily, fast and intuitive, these three characteristics are definitely not ITunes is unique, but it's very innovative, but it's very heavy and often complicated to use. Sometimes, these complexity results in misuse, sometimes deleting important data from your iOS device.

If you want to put an end to this "suffering" and not risk losing more data for incorrect synchronization, you will find here in our article an alternative day that will greatly benefit you.

iPhone Transfer:

Best alternative to iTunes on PC 2019 for file transfer
Best alternative to iTunes on PC 2019 for file transfer

iPhone Transfer is a demo program that presents itself as the best alternative to iTunes on the market today, this program (available for both Windows PC and Mac), where you can manage your iPhone as if it were an external memory disk, then allows you to transfer data from your PC You can save your import / export contacts, save messages and SMS messages on your computer, manage photos, videos, etc ...

The main advantages of the program are:

  1. Simple user interface, suitable for users with least experience.
  2. Available on both Windows and Mac.
  3. Support two-way synchronization: from PC to iPhone and vice versa from iPhone to PC / Mac.
  4. Transfer all kinds of data from any computer to any iPhone / iPad / iPod without iTunes.
  5. Support music and video transfer in more than 30 formats.
  6. Export music from your iOS device to your iTunes / PC hard drive.
  7. Import data directly from one iOS device to another device.
  8. It features easily backup and restore connections.

Downloading program

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