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Download GiliSoft Video Editor For Computer 2019

download gilisoft video editor for windows

Gilisoft Video Editor is one of the most important programs for editing and creating videos. The program has been admired by millions of users because of the tools, filters and filters that help create high quality videos, the program helps you make your videos very beautiful by introducing A lot of adjustments and filters where you can adjust the brightness, saturation, colors and lighting control and you can get rid of the unwanted parts by providing a shear tool that helps you delete the insignificant sections, the program easy to use and simple and suitable for all computer users Beginner or professional brigade, which helped spread the program at the global level and easy to prepare and create professional videos on your computer and share them with friends on various social networking sites.

Download GiliSoft Video Editor For Computer 2019
Download GiliSoft Video Editor For Computer 2019

The program supports all translation formats such as aas, srt and merge them with HD videos and movies easily. You can control the color, size and type of translation line. You can cut large videos into several small size and vice versa. You can combine many small size videos to create large video With a particular format, you can make your own videos with quality video control by combining videos from your mobile camera or webcam to create a great video with a special format and insert the audio files you like on the video. Stream video quality, the program helps you to unleash your creativity and show your talents in the field of creating and editing videos, the program is very simple and all users can deal with it without having to explain how to use it.

Download GiliSoft Video Editor For Computer 2019
Download GiliSoft Video Editor For Computer 2019

The program works on many computer operating systems and also supports many foreign languages including English, French, German and others, which contributed to the spread of the program globally among computer users, the program helps you to keep your videos by putting various watermarks on the video and may be in the form of Lyrics, images, logos, numbers, logos etc. The program helps you adjust the video display area by eliminating the black space on the sides of the screen. The program rotates the video at different angles, making the viewer enjoy watching the video.

The program supports many different video formats such as AVI, VOB, MP4, MPEG-2, SWF, ASF, MOV, MPEG-4, QT, MPEG, MPG, DATT and other popular video formats.

Information about GiliSoft Video Editor 2019 for PC

Software release: GiliSoft Video Editor
Year of issue: April 2019
Developer: Gili Soft Inc.
Program size: 20.9 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages and Arabic language
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Software License: Trial

Download GiliSoft Video Editor free software download :

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