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Download Opera browser latest version for pc 2019

download opera browser direct link

Opera Browser is a browser that has admired millions of computer users around the world for its high speed in opening different websites as it is compatible with many computer operating systems and security, the browser is a strong competitor to many popular browsers such as the Air browser Chrome gel and Firefox etc, developers of the program constantly update the software and solve the problems facing older versions, the browser helps you to open a lot of web pages simultaneously without significant impact on processor resources, free opera browser without any fees which helped to spread Browser all over the world, the browser provides browsing and security remote from complications as it prevents pop-up advertisements and annoying, keeps the browser on your privacy and prevents anyone from accessing your important data or personal and bank information as it keeps the computer from viruses and sites That may harm your computer as it blocks harmful websites and prevents access to it.

Download Opera browser latest version for pc 2019
Download Opera browser latest version for pc 2019

The browser is given alerts in the case of receiving new messages on the e-mail, the files are loaded at high speed and you can upload the files in the background even if the site pages are closed, the browser is multilingual and supports the Arabic language, which helped spread the world in a short time, Quickly to pages and sites that are visited continuously, where these sites appear when you open a new tab, you can add a lot of tools to the browser, making it easier to use and increase the functions of such as adding a reader PDF files, which helps you to open PDF pages and messages For PDFs received by e-mail, the browser automatically corrects misspellings while typing, saving lots of time and effort.

The most prominent features of Opera Browser:

  1. Easy to control browser settings to increase privacy by deleting browsing data, sites visited, passwords and emails entered into different sites to prevent hackers from accessing them.
  2. Easy access to your friends and acquaintances by opening all social networking sites to chat and share photos, videos and audio tracks.
  3. The program interface is simple and includes a task bar that contains all the tools that help you to make a smooth and wonderful browsing and also includes a search box that lets you write what you are looking for inside and then press the button to access the web pages you are looking for as the interface shows the sites you visit Such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
  4.  Easy to watch high-quality videos from social media sites and websites specializing in videos such as YouTube and others.
  5. Save your passwords, emails and login names, making it easy for you to access websites and save a lot of time and effort.
  6. Easy to save and store visited sites for easy access again.
  7. The browser does not consume a lot of processor resources by blocking the emitted ads, maintaining the battery life and not causing the computer to reboot.
  8.  Work on a lot of different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and others and also supports the work on the Android system to work on all kinds of smart phones from Sony, Samsung and Huawei and others, which helps you to browse and access your e-mail from any device you use, whether mobile or tablet or Computer or laptop.

Information about Opera Browser version 2019

Software version: Opera Browser 60.0 Build 3255.70
Date of issue: April 2019
Developer: Opera Software
Software Size: 51.9 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating requirements: Windows XP, 10,8,7

Download Opera Browser for free 64 bit and 32 bit:-

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