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Download Baidu PC Faster for PC cleaning and maintenance 2019

download baidu pc faster for computer

Baidu PC Faster is a powerful tool that improves the performance of the computer and the elimination of viruses and raise the efficiency of the computer to operate at full capacity, many computer users are facing many problems in the damage of files or lost some of them due to viruses or malware and to get rid of this problem in a simple and concise through the program excellence , The program is free and available to all and does not need costs to download and install on the computer, increasing the popularity of the program and is used by millions of people around the world, the program easy to use With the click of a button you can get rid of all malicious files and viruses and files The program is produced by Baidu, a Chinese company specialized in the field of anti-virus and elimination of threats facing the computer. The products of the company has received a lot of welcome and attention from millions of users around the world, the program works on many different operating systems, which helped to Run the program on different devices, whether computer or laptop or tablet or smart phones.

Download Baidu PC Faster for PC cleaning and maintenance 2019
Download Baidu PC Faster for PC cleaning and maintenance 2019

The program interface is very simple and includes four buttons for the basic functions of the program is the search engine for viruses and speeding up the device and comprehensive cleaning of the computer and the last task is a quick examination to get to the threats facing the device, the program is simple and has a lot of explanatory materials needed for optimal use, The program is lightweight and does not affect much of the processor resources, where you can make the program work while working on the computer or surfing the Internet and others, the program improves the performance of the computer significantly by eliminating viruses, malware and unused files The program is completely secure and free of viruses and pop-up ads. The program has a powerful search engine that scans the computer for viruses and threats that harm the device and eliminate it. The program relies on a large database that helps it to quickly access viruses, malware and trojans.

The program helps you save a lot of storage space by eliminating duplicate files and unused old folders and helps to increase the speed of the computer, the program increases the speed of the operation of the computer by examining the programs start and remove unnecessary programs and computer crashes, For all components of the computer to access any threat to the detriment of the device and eliminate it as this is done continuously and periodically, the developer company to update the data on a daily basis, which helps to access and eliminate malicious files and viruses, A program to protect your privacy against theft or hackers It also repairs the damaged files instead of removing them, which helps to keep files important and necessary for you, the program to give detailed reports and accurate state of the system and viruses found, the program helps you accelerate the games especially large size, which increases the Enjoy playing on the computer, the program supports many languages, including the Arabic world.

Information about Baidu PC Faster software release

Software version: Baidu PC Faster
Date of issue: May 2015
Developer: Baidu, Inc.
Program size: 25.55 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: FREE

Download Baidu PC Faster from here :

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