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download skype for pc latest version 2019

download skype for pc latest version 2019

Skype is one of the most important social networking programs and free communication and sending and exchanging voice messages. The Skype Translator service has been introduced for easy communication with others around the world and it is one of the best chat programs where you can make voice or written conversations with your friends and relatives around the world and the program It is popular with millions around the world. The program excels in many chat and chat programs in the speed of voice transmission during the conversation process. You can also share your friends in many files, pictures, videos and things you want to send them.

download skype for pc latest version 2019
download skype for pc latest version 2019

If you are in your country, your relatives and friends in another country, you can talk to them via Skype through video over the Internet. Do not stop time or space barriers against you in front of friends and family. You can win many friends around the world by using skype for voice calls The program has a huge search engine for millions of people all over the world, as well as the possibility of making calls and video calls You can make calls to all phones, whether land phones or mobile but requires a balance in the program to make phone calls, you can chat with the total Friend (s) brilliant one individual only, it is considered the program is the first in the world in the field of voice conversation or written and chat with all of you know it is compatible with versions of Windows and various program requires an Internet connection and headphone and microphone to make high-quality video calls with friends and family.

download skype for pc latest version 2019
download skype for pc latest version 2019

Skype software features

  1. Translating messages and calls received with others for easy communication with parents and relatives.
  2. Make high-quality group video calls
  3. Send and receive messages and voice and video calls for free
  4. make calls to mobile phones and landline at a very discounted price.
  5. Support for simultaneous interpretation and the addition of German and French language in addition to 50 other languages.
  6. Translating voice calls to communicate with friends using the Skype Translator service
  7. Support many languages ​​up to 28 languages, including Arabic and English.
  8. The program requires internet connection to enjoy chat and free calls.
  9. Make voice calls via Voicemail when you call someone who is not available.
  10. Free and compatible with various versions of Windows.
  11. Free high-quality video calls for up to 25 people.
  12. The device requires internet connection

Information about Skype 2019

Software Release: Skype
Date of issue: May 2019
Developer: Skype Technologies S.A.
Program size: 59.3 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows 10-Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: FREE


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