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Download Slimjet Browser for PC with Direct Link 2019

download slimjet browser

Download Slimjet Browser for PC with Direct Link 2019
Download Slimjet Browser for PC with Direct Link 2019

The browser is open source and distinguished in browsing the web sites quickly and high access to your favorite Internet sites and enjoy the stability of the browser to access the social networking sites Facebook and YouTube and e-mail and download the attached files from the Gmail and Yahoo and provides the browser list of favorite sites and the most important sites used on the browser toolbar , The browser Slim Jet is a strong competitor to the browsers Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox and other Internet browsers and enjoy a toolbar includes the weather and atmosphere of your city and to know the temperatures expected during The next day to take the necessary and easy to conduct banking banking reserves safely without fear of leaking your credit card data and data encryption and passwords card, allows the browser to save passwords and user name to enter your e-mail Facebook account and all of your personal accounts for different sites.

The Slimjet browser contains many different frames to choose from as a background for the browser and the possibility of using the integrated tool of the browser to edit images and adjustments to the images and add aesthetic touches and tires and remove the red spots to become professional images and save amendments to different image formats on the device and the possibility of uploading images on social networking sites and the Internet, Browser translate texts and words as well as various pages on the Internet by using the integrated translation tool browser browser and browser light does not consume the resources of the processor and the system and quickly browse the Web sites B is a variety of sports news, sports and YouTube sites for high-definition video clips and is a powerful and harmless browser and safe from viruses, malware and malware that may infect the device.

the most important features of the Slimjet browser:

  1. High speed in opening various websites, news, sports and more.
  2. Complete security without viruses and malware by avoiding suspicious and malicious websites.
  3. Handle credit card security and not fear of stealing your data and passwords.
  4. Create a list of your favorite websites for easy access again.

Information about the Slimjet browser 2019

Developer: FlashPeak
Program Size: 49.1 MB
Language: Multilingual and supports Arabic
Working environment: All versions of Windows
Version: Slimjet – Final
Last Updated: March 2019

Download Slimjet Browser 32bit

Download Slimjet Browser 64bit

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